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What are the titles of the urban fiction books you have had published?

Criminal error

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started writing?

I began writing after reading a novel by Donald Goines entitled Black Girl Lost I was inspired to write a novel after reading Author Sydney Sheldons’ novel Rage of Angels. My writing style reflects both styles between the two authors, giving my novels a genuine brand.

Do you have a special routine when you write?

Before I write I need coffee and most of the time I write in the early morning hours.

Tell us more about your last book, and what are you working on now?

My latest novel is an urban fiction story about a jeweler who uses his job to plan and execute jewelry store robberies. The jeweler eventually robs the wrong jewelers creating a series of events that will keep readers involved with the story and turning pages.

Who’s your favorite character from your books? Why?

My favorite character from the novel would have to be Chi-town, because although his part in the novel is minimal he still remains memorable and exciting.

Tell Us Your Top Ten Favorite Books that You’ve Read

Black girl lost by Donald Goines
Rage of angels by Sydney Sheldon
The jester by James Patterson
American Star by Jackie Collins
Testament by David Morrell
Makes me wanna holler by Nathan McCall
Whoreson by Donald Goines
Coldest winter ever by Sistah Souljah
Master of the game by Sydney Sheldon
Black Gangster by Donald Goines

What do you say to critics of street fiction?

Street fiction is a respectable form of art and literature, and it should be respected. For the reader to be able to experience a world that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to experience whether it be because of fear, or location is always a plus when it comes to storytelling. Street fiction has its place in the writing world, and should be honored.

Why should librarians purchase street fiction for their collections?

Street fiction is history, it’s education, and it’s real. Street fiction is no different than any other writing genre, there is no collection without the presence of street fiction.

What advice do you have for new authors who hope to publish their urban fiction books?

My advice would be to focus on telling a good story more so than writing the most “street” novel. It’s not easy to publish so learn all aspects of the publishing field, and do it for the love of writing.

Any final words for fans of your books?

If your looking for good stories that are easy to read and that will keep you entertained, then a Shawn Powell novel is what your looking for. Ive created my own brand, and I guarantee readers will enjoy the experience.

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