Relentless Aaron

An interview with urban fiction author Relentless Aaron.

Tell me a little about yourself. How did you get started writing?

I was born into a family of entrepreneurs, from my Grandmother and my father I can recall the management and ownership of businesses that included everything from delicatessens to nightclubs to real estate holdings. My entrepreneurial adventures go WAY back to when I was a child, but became wayward into my teens and young adult life. Eventually, prison took me by the neck and forced me to make hard, disciplined decisions in life. That, together with the sum total of all my life’s experiences gives me the ultimate license to write so many deep, engaging books.

Why do you have such a strong drive to write – what makes you relentless?

My drive to write and my drive to market the same was originally founded by my desire to excel and to progress in such adversarial circumstances. My journey began at the so-called “bottom of the well” (in prison), where I had no choice but to try and turn my lemons into lemonade, as apposed to “killing time.” Only then did I realize the value of time and liberty, and I chose to change my perception of the same, despite my circumstances. Prison (in a way) became my ‘boot camp’ where I trained to be the best writer on the planet. And if I wouldn’t be the best, I’d be the best selling since no other writer was as focused as I was in dissecting the best in the business; Grisham, Sheldon, Steven King, etc. No other writer was focused on marketing and branding, or the launching of a publicity campaign. And even if all of that was in place, and if some other writer (somewhere on the planet) had the talent, knowledge and marketing savvy I had), then they’d NEVER be able to catch up to the quantity of hit books I’ve written. So, I’m inspired by the momentum I’ve developed to out-do every other author in my genre. And this isn’t a hate issue; it’s an excellence issue. It’s an issue of accomplishment. It’s an issue of my extreme passion towards my purpose in life of being the absolute best at something. And I am not necessarily a best selling author; I’m an author who writes best-selling books.

Do you have a special routine when you write?

My routine is fairly simple: I’ll check into a hotel, cabin, resort, or I’ll even lock down in my own house, and I’ll write until completion. 2 weeks is all I need, unless there are pressing concerns where life calls for my attention. Just recently, the holidays, family problems and a few other issues have gotten in the way of me completing my latest book (Single With Benefits). However, once I resolved things, I was back at that book in time to keep with my own deadline.
Aside from the discipline of writing, I need to ALWAYS read and to keep abreast of human events. It is all relative and relates to what I do and what the landscape will bare tomorrow, next week and next year. Forecasting and being abreast of the Mega-Trends in life has fueled me with resources unmatched.

What are you working on now?

The first in a series of novels that includes a medical examiner and his assistant. His assistant is (at first) a fly on the wall, but eventually gets his hands dirty in all this medical examiner’s business; both the good and the morally evil. The book is full of gore, but also has the thrill-seeking element that readers long for in a Relentless Aaron novel.

Who are a few street fiction authors or titles that you have enjoyed reading?

Standing at the Scratch Line by Guy Johnson. When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost by Joan Morgan, and The Spook Who Sat By the Door by Sam Greenlee. I also got a rush from a number of John Grisham books; although (as an author) I’m coming for his juggler vein, and his audience.

Outside of street fiction, who are few authors that you enjoy?

Naiim Akbar is my (so-called) master-teacher. Michael Eric Dyson is my dude. Also, I love me some cocky, arrogant, and crisp Nelson George. Those brothers, along with so many others, keep me focused and sharp and relevant.

Who’s your favorite character from your books?

Reginald “Push” Jackson. He is the ultimate man. He is courageous, focused, agile and mighty. Push is also human and humble, however goal oriented. I wish a man like Push on any female who has been long missing those characteristics in a man.

How do you think women are portrayed in street fiction? Is it positive or negative?

I’m sure it’s imbalanced, much like it is in music. Only thing I can do is to make sure that I show diversity in all my books, and that a readers dares to try a series of my novels so that thy get a full perspective and so that the don’t so easily pigeon-hole me into being this one type of writer. When it’s all said and done, I am the ultimate writer because I am the ultimate man. And I am the ultimate man because I am so much more aware than the average Joe.

What do you say to critics of street fiction? And why should librarians purchase street fiction for their collections?

A critic is always going to be a critic. They are no more than spectators on the sideline, never one to get on the field of life where contributions are thick and spicy. But without them life would be boring. And there wouldn’t be the necessary push and pull (the challenges) that create friction. And without friction, a method, theory or effort cannot be tested. I welcome the test; and (hee-hee) it actually helps with publicity.

Any final words of advice for new writers of street fiction?

Master your craft and stay in your lane. Come into my lane and prepare to do battle and lose. If you were to shove Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Michael Nunn, Julio Caesar Chavez, Joe Lewis, and Muhammad Ali into a blender I’d be the power, the speed, the agility, the energy and the rage you’d get in the end. I am that “juice” which begets success in any field, whether I decide to shine shoes or write books.

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