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The Canarsie Connection by Divine G.

After being hurt at the hands of others, the innate response for many is to inflict harm back upon their perpetrators. However, as a compelling new novel by Divine G proves – revenge brings with it a myriad of messy and sometim...

Cold Embrace By Ricardo Wilson

The story is a work of fiction describing the life of these five main characters; Grady, Noel, Jayson, Mark, and Angel. From high school up to the fast-paced bumpy ride of adult-hood these individuals experience different stage...


Delectable Delight: Shaunte’s Come Up by Kia Roberts

Shaunte’ Stephens better known as “Delicious” was a hustler. She was young and beautiful. The men in Miami loved her. She was an exotic dancer but had a bigger dream of owning her own business. Shaunte’ had a master...
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When the Fairytale Ends (Urban Christian) By Dwan Abrams

Young, successful and thriving, Shania and Greg have it all going on. Not only do they have the kind of relationship everyone envies, they’re also walking the right path in so many other ways—like Greg, who’s a youth pastor at ...

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Let Me Pimp Or Let Me Die Book Trailer

Let Me Pimp Or Let Me Die Book Trailer This video is so smokin’ hot, we can’t wait to review the book. Have you read it? Let us know what you thought?

Urban Book Trailers and Author Videos
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Heart of the Streets by Chenae Glaze

It’s a tale of loyalty, love and triumph set in the Atlanta Streets. Corinne the books vixe is looking for love after running from her past hurts and Jabari the main character is looking for a loyalty somewhere he’s never looke...


Books Set in Atlanta

1. Still Thicker Than Water by Takerra Allen 2. Secrets and Lies by Rhonda McKnight 3. The Pink Palace by Marlon McCaulsky 4. The Pink Palace II by Marlon McCaulsky 5. The Golden Hustla by Wahida Clark 6. Trust No Man by Cash 7...


Books with Athletes

1. What’s His Is Mine by Daaimah S. Poole 2. Keeping Up With the Jones by P.R. Hawkins 3. Flint Saga by Treasure Hernandez 4. Kenyatta’s Last Hit by Donald Goines 5. Don’t Hate the Player by Brandie 6. Myra: A Twisted Tale of K...
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EMAKO BLUE by Brenda Woods

Who was Emako Blue? She was beautiful and good-hearted. She was Monterey’s best friend. She was the only girl Jamal cared about, the one who saw through his player act. She was the one who understood the burden of Eddie’s famil...