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Allison van Diepen

Snitch By Allison van Diepen

Julia swore she’d never join a gang—but for Eric, she’ll risk everything. Now in trade paperback with a new cover, a gritty novel from the author of Street Pharm. Lines are clearly marked at South Bay High School. It’s mixed te...
Ashley Jaquavis

Soft: Ashley & JaQuavis Presents: Cocaine Love Stories By Caroline McGill, JM Benjamin, Boston George and T.Styles

 Check out this hot New Anthology of your favorite Urban Fiction Authors! Just when you feel as if you have Ashley and JaQuavis figured out they give you another realm of writing. I loved it!- Nancy Newkirk Get Soft: Ashley &am...

Amazon Bestsellers

Platinum Dust By K.C. Blaze

Raheim is the son of a dead man and the woman who killed him. He has deep seeded hatred toward his mother for kicking him out at age eleven for looking like his father. With a fierce determination not to end up like either of h...
Editor's Picks

Turn on the Lights (So You Can See) By Latisha Robb

Latisha Robb has a Hustle & Flow with a grind that at times defies gravity. Extremely talented, smart and hardworking, she’s never been the type that didn’t understand the meaning “hard work pays off”. In her prolific debut...

Urban Fiction

Cuffed By Taisha S. Ryan

Freedom had never tasted so good the moment Marquez exited through those barred prison gates. After serving a 3 year bid, Marquez swore to himself that he would never step foot in another prison. Determined to turn his life aro...

Urban Erotica

Another Woman’s Husband by Angel Mechelle

  Bree Michaels is young, sexy, single and raising two children alone. As if being single weren t bad enough, Bree has a problem; she misses having that special someone in her life. It s been a while, but Bree isn t desper...
Urban Fiction

Wicked Games By Latarsha Willis

Bianca’s life has been a fairytale ever since she married the handsome, wealthy club owner Jayson, but one mistake changes all of that. Hugs and kisses lead to black eyes and busted lips, and Bianca dives head first into the ar...

Street Fiction

I’m Only 17 (Penn’s Landing Saga) by Miles Boyd

After a while your luck runs out….you can’t control the cocaine trade in an entire section of a major metropolitan city without making law enforcement your permanent enemies. The Elijah-Amin’s have seen better times in South Ph...


Twisted By Passionnete Taylor

Brittney Powell is an abused foster child, whose life is a constant battle with death. After being repeatedly raped and sodomized by her foster father, she sets a plan of escape in motion. With her foster father hot on her heel...

CASPER: El Cuento De Amor De Un Gangster By Akila Cruz & Ray Childress

“This sexually charged, unfriendly tale of money and murder explodes when Casper’s high-rolling uncle gets himself murdered. Casper is then forced to hit the streets harder than ever to prove he’s much more th...