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‘Til My Casket Drops (G Street Chronicles Presents) [Kindle Edition] By Aaron Bebo

Marla Eubanks was hell in heels until she found herself pregnant and facing a twenty-year prison sentence at age seventeen. The bitter world she’d come from before her incarceration, left an even more bitter taste in her mouth;...
Strebor Books

Man Swappers: A Novel (Zane Presents) By Cairo

A titillating story of sibling rivalry gone haywire, will thrill readers to a whole new level of satisfaction. Bombshell sisters Porsha, Persia, and Paris do everything together. They work hard, travel far, and are always on th...

Strebor Books

Color of Justice: A Novel (Zane Presents) By J. Leon Pridgen II

Can a young prosecuting attorney rescue his brother from death row before it’s too late? At the age of one, James was adopted by his grandparents and raised as their own. He never knew the truth about his biological parents or ...
Editor's Picks

The Cost of Love and Sanity (Zane Presents) By Jaye Cheríe

Can one woman’s fear undo the rest of her life? Alex Carter’s struggle with love, loss, and faith requires her to face long-held dreams and the man she once left behind. For Alex Carter, everything is going according to plan—sh...

Editor's Picks

Alexandra : Echoes of His Sins [Kindle Edition] By Zoe and Yusuf Woods

Alexandra was the apple of her mother’s eye and a daddy’s girl since the day she took her first breath. Together they did everything. Until she discovered that her father carried a callous secret…one that promised to shatter an...


Draw Part 3 [Kindle Edition] By J-Real

The Game has changed the New Generation of street rulers have emerged demeaning Yonkers as Gun Town. As the predecessor’s reign is handed down there is another element coming up in the ranks, and there scream of beware in the h...

Pleasure on Call (G Street Chronicles Presents) By Mz. Robinson

There was a time when the only work Kharem Reynolds valued was what he put in in between the legs of the beautiful women he suckered. From lying and cheating, to false I love yous, Kharem played his role in breaking hearts and ...


Hustlers in Heelz (G Street Chronicles) [Kindle Edition] By Mz. Jetson

Ever since Sierra was able to hustle a prominent business owner out of thousands of dollars when she was only nineteen, she has been addicted to money. Alexis, Eugene Gates Project’s biggest gossiper, uses the system as h...

Editor's Picks

A Hard Price To Pay [Kindle Edition] By J-Real

A betrayed kingpin, an unsuccessful hit, a hustler’s life altered forever, but does a new life mean safety? And what about the lives affected? What about the son who grows up with the memories of the nightmare? The nightmare of...
Amazon Bestsellers

Payback Ain’t Enough By Wahida Clark

The #1 Queen of Street Lit Wahida Clark delivers the third installment in her bestselling high-octane urban drama series, Payback Ain’t Enough. Filled with the same glamour, sex, and danger, we dive back into the drama where ol...