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What are the titles of the urban fiction books you have had published?

Secret Affair

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started writing?

I’m an author from Detroit, Michigan. Her first urban fiction novel “Sinful Traits” was published in 2010. She completed her second Novel “Secret Affair” in 2012. Her writing style is about Secrets! Her novels feature memorable characters, with some twist and turn along the way. She was feature on an urban radio show in Florida call Hype Media Global, Motown Literary Network blog radio and Black Female Author website.

I started writing because I love to read and I was just as creative as most of the books that I was reading. Then all of the sudden it became fun and I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Do you have a special routine when you write?

I have a full time job, so I write an hour before and after work. I put at least three hour aside on my off day to write as well.

Tell us more about your last book, and what are you working on now?

Secret Affair is a book which is told from one man’s view point of how he suspects his wife of having an affair. Carter Perry love his wife and two children, he thinks his marriage is perfect. Until one day while talking to his brother and his friends about signs of cheating. Carter can’t help but think about their conversation…- is Keisha, his wife, seeing someone and if she is, who is it?

Now I’m working on two novels, one is called Holy Suspicion and Love on Death Row. Both have scandalous secrets.

Who’s your favorite character from your books? Why?

I would have to say Carter from Secret Affair because he did show his wife how much he loved her. He was a faithful man and a loving brotha. Once he found out about his wife’s secret he did check her and let her know that he wasn’t into games.

Tell Us Your Top Ten Favorite Books that You’ve Read

Wifey: From Mistress to Wifey by Erica Hilton
A-Town Veteran by Cole Hart
If It Don’t Hurt It Ain’t Love by Junnita Jackson
Dying To Be Loved by Erica Coleman
Extra Baggage by Shardy Jones
Black Widow by Nikki Turner
Bi-Curious by Natalie Weber
In Between Lies by Shawna Hill
Love Is Blind by T.J Chester
Millionaire Wives Club by Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker

What do you say to critics of street fiction?

I think most critics think have a negative view about street lit books or hood books. They thinks most of these books are all about drugs and gangand not all of they are like that. They are no different than other grapic novel. It’s all about being creative and telling a story from the writer’s point of view.

Why should librarians purchase street fiction for their collections?
I say a vast majority of readers love to read street novels because of rawness and the realness the author put into each story.

What advice do you have for new authors who hope to publish their urban fiction books?

Find your writing style and genre that you are most comfortable with. Join writers groups on line or in person. make sure you have work edit and even have someone review it for you tell you how the novel flow. Also make sure you have a marketing goal in place because this is where the hard work comes in.

Any final words for fans of your books?

I am so glad that I have gotten positive reviews and it makes me happy to see that all my work was published for nothing. I thank them for very much for their support.

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