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DIRTY RED by Vickie M. Stringer

Mischievous and manipulative, eighteen-year-old Red is an expert at deception with a provocative femininity. She employs her dirty ways – even faking pregnancy with her boyfriend – to win a closet full of Gucci bags, a deluxe c...
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IMAGINE THIS by Vickie Stringer

Imagine This is the sequel to Vickie Stringer’s bestselling Let That Be the Reason, her stunning debut novel based on life as she knew it in the shocking underworld of the sex and drug trade. Vickie Stringer has gained a legion...
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STILL DIRTY by Vickie M. Stringer

Red, the infamous expert of deception, is still up to no good, but faces challenges to baffle even the most clever hustler. Still, Red stops at nothing to outwit her adversaries and avoid being caught by either the law or the o...