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There’s a time to go hard, and time to chill… The day the cops took his daddy away for murder, a new emotion gripped five-year-old Daquan Watson’s heart: Hate. It would stay with as he came up in The Calliope, New Orleans’ most...
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SNOW by Kenji Jasper

HE KILLED FOR HATE. Life on the darker streets of D.C. can turn a clean kid grimy. Snow was one of those good kids – until a gang killed his next door neighbor and he decided to settle the score. But doing what he thought was r...
Book Reviews

BODYSLICK by John H. Sibley

In a world where genetic engineering and organ transplants are booming businesses on the black market, Malcolm Steel, Jr. is king. His turf is Chicago, a city torn apart by the haves and the have-nots alike, and Malcolm – known...