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Anne Schraff

Wildflower (Urban Underground) by Anne Schraff

Chelsa Spain Bridled under her father’s harsh rules.But she was growing up too fast. Someone had to rein her in until she had enough sense to handle herself better. Wherever there was the temptation to take a risk, she went for...
Anne Schraff

Shadows of Guilt (Urban Underground) by Anne Schraff

Maya Archer is at the wrong place at the wrong time when “”pop, pop, pop”” sounds ring out in front of a popular teen hangout. Is DeWayne Pike the true target? Does he duck before shots ring out as Jacklyn claims? If true...
Anne Schraff

Outrunning the Darkness (Urban Underground) by Anne Schraff

Between his father’s pessimistic moods and his mother’s “”put on a happy face”” attitude Jaris Spain feels trapped. Jaris hides his own darkenss from his parents: How hard he has to work for good grades. How quickly a tea...

Anne Schraff

Like a Broken Doll (Urban Underground) by Anne Schraff

Accusations fly when a string of thefts hits Tubman High School. Suspicion falls in Sereeta prince, whose family life is unraveling, sending her into a deep depression. Treated like a stranger by her mother, like an enemy by he...
Anne Schraff

To Be a Man (Urban Underground) by Anne Schraff

Trevor’s mother was dead set against Vanessa Allen. Trevor knew the old angry frown would come back quickly if she learned that Trevor had been seeing Vanessa behind her back. Even his brother Tommy thought the high school drop...

Anne Schraff

The Fairest (Urban Underground) by Anne Schraff

The Princess of the Fair was supposed to infuse and inspire students. The winner should embody the qualities of Harriet Tubman, the school’s namesake. But everyone knew it would turn into a nasty popularity contest where mean g...