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My Brother’s Keeper by Courtney Gardner

Without a foe, a soldier never knows his strength, and the thought must be developed through the exercise of strength. Be faithful to the trust, and deceive not the man who relied upon you. It is less evil in the sight of God t...
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LAST BREATH by Michelle McGriff

The attempted murder of brothers fifteen years ago has been all but forgiven by the police, but not by one of the victims. Sean Porter, a defense attorney, awakes from a coma to find himself still alive, living a life he barely...
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FALLEN STAR by Debra Clayton

Lyrical genious and self-proclaiming thug, Blayze is the newest rhyme-master to step on to the hip-hop scene. His smooth flow, undeniable good looks and slick lyrics shoot him past the industry’s reigning rap stars as he heads ...

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LIFE by Leo Sullivan

Hope Evans is an eccentric college student, born and raised in Miami’s notorious Pork and Bean Projects. All her life, Hope has dreamed of becoming a lawyer and one day helping her people out of ghetto oppression. By some uncan...
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Des, Virginia’s slickest gangsta, is about to become a dad when he is charged with the murder of his own attorney. But with Yarni, his gorgeous wife (and a brilliant lawyer), now calling the shots, Des isn’t going back to the s...