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BLACK by Tracy Brown

Who said The Streets Don’t Love Nobody? BLACK is the novel that shatters the myth. Kaia didn’t choose the streets. The streets chose her. Tossed from a broken home, this young inner-city girl is forced to learn the hard way jus...
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DIME PIECE by Tracy Brown

Celeste Styles is a woman torn. On the one hand, she has found happiness with the love of her life, Raheem “Rah-Lo” Henderson. He happens to be unhappily married with children, and Celeste is his well-kept secret. He loves Cele...
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WHITE LINES by Tracy Brown

Jada leaves home at the age of seventeen, running from her own demons and the horrors of physical abuse inflicted on her by her mother’s boyfriend. She parties hard, and life seems good when she is with Born, the neighborhood k...



Lamin Michaels learned at his mother’s knee the importance of chasing paper, so it’s no surprise he gets into the drug game when he’s just a teenager. When he meets Zion, a product of the New York City foster care and prison sy...
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TWISTED by Tracy Brown

Celeste Styles is starting over. After losing her cherished salon in auspicious fire, she leaves her adulterous relationship and her drama filled-life in Brooklyn for the peace and tranquility of Atlanta, Georgia. But when her ...