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SHEISTY by T.N. Baker

Epiphany Wright, Keisha Moore and Shana Scott spent their teenage years as the best of friends growing up in the hood of Southside Jamaica Queens. Now as adults, their friendship is put to the test when envy, built up animosity...
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Some things change – and then again, some things don’t. You can never take the hood out of the homegirl. In this sequel to T.N. Baker’s Sheisty, we find Epiphany, Keisha and Shana still trickin’ for dough, still running off at ...
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DICE by T.N. Baker

Wasaun has two loves: his beautiful girlfriend and rollin’ dice. But when he meets Tone, a dude from the same hood who has just as much game and lots of cash to back it up, the stakes grow high. Wasaun is caught in a choice bet...