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MARRIED TO THE BADGE by Stephanie Johnson

Pier Rhodes had it set in her mind that a man in uniform was nothing but bad news, until she met Kyle Evans, a captain at the local police department. Kyle controlled the situation with Pier from the start. At first, Pier wasn’...
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LAKEDA: A KISS OF EROTICA by Stephanie Johnson

Seduction. For some, it’s an art, but for Lakeda, it just comes naturally. She has the magnetism to attract anyone she desires – man or woman – and a sexual appetite that knows no fulfillment. Lakeda can go on for hours, titill...
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SHE’S GOT ISSUES by Stephanie Johnson

Sinclair has issues. After discovering that her husband is having an affair with not one, but two women, she divorces him. She thinks she’s finally over the heartbreak until she meets Aliette, one of the two women who wrecked h...

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DESPERATE SISTERS by Stephanie Johnson

Looks can definitely be deceiving, and the lives of these three fabulous sisters, Jalisa O’Neil, Lyda Lawrence and Valen Monet are no exception. From the outside it appears they have it all – expensive fancy homes, nice luxury ...
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ROCKIN’ ROBIN by Stephanie Johnson

Robin Sessoms spends her weeks working forty-plus hours as the head reservation clerk at the Gray Pearl, in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Her boss is Todd Kendricks, an undercover drug addict who is sleeping with his drug-addicted e...