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GUNZ AND ROSES by Keisha Ervin

Urban fiction diva Keisha Ervin is back with Gunz and Roses, her latest story of street love. Time stands still as up and coming fashion editor Gray Rose watches the man of her dreams walk into the club. The last thing St. Loui...
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TORN by Keisha Ervin

Her female intuition told her he was a dog but yet and still she lent him her soul, gave him her heart and allowed herself to fall in love. Torn between infatuation, lust, denial and playing wifey, the only thing that Mo knows ...
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MINA’S JOINT by Keisha Ervin

Once again she’s back! Keisha Ervin that is, with her spellbinding tale of love, family, money and scandal. In this sizzling new story, Keisha introduces you to Mina Matthews. Mina is not your typical around-the-way girl; her d...

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Here comes a honey colored, hazel-green eyed St. Louis bombshell named Meesa. With money in the bank, designer clothes in her closet, and true friends by her side, Meesa still longs for more. All of her life she’s wanted for on...
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BABY GIRL by Shavon Moore

Kyla Brown was destined to be a hustler. Fueled by her crooked grandfather’s blood and her gold-digging grandmother’s teachings, Kyla mastered the arts of manipulation and seduction at an early age. Kyla’s heartbreaking beauty ...

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BABY GIRL II by Shavon Moore

Is this what love has finally driven me to? These were the last words the beautiful and notorious Kyla Brown spoke before swallowing a lethal dose of prescription medication in Baby Girl. Driven to the edge of her sanity by mem...