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Al Saadiq Banks

CAUGHT ‘EM SLIPPIN’ by Al-Saadiq Banks

Miranda Benderas, born to an infamous Cuban kingpin, and his trophy wife, an African American supermodel. Miranda grew up with all the luxuries that other girls could only dream of. Her daddy proved that crime does pay. But isn...
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ECSTASY by Shavon Moore

Meet Ava Marseille, a beautiful but timid young woman from urban Atlanta. From an early age, Ava has had to shoulder most of the financial and emotional responsibility of caring for herself and her younger sister. When a disput...
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SNAPPED by Tracy Brown

As the pampered wife of Frankie Bingham, Camille wants for nothing. After all Frankie and their life together are her whole world. So Camille tries not to be bothered by his closeness with his coworker and dear friend Gillian. ...