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Still a Dog by Mark Anthony

Lance Thomas is up to his old tricks again. Even though he promised his wife several years ago that he was through with the lying and cheating, he just can’t resist the lure of forbidden affairs. No longer tied down with a nine...
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Heaven’s Hell by Takerra Allen

Heavens Hell is the gripping tale of the striking beauty Heaven Jacy, and the hell she endures in the cold cruel world, at her young, tender age. Suffering at the hands of abuse from her father and her older, controlling, boyfr...
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Thicker Than Water by Takerra Allen

Dubbed the Sex and the City of the Hood! Sasha, Tatum, Neli, and Kim are four gorgeous girlfriends hailing from the infamous Brick City Newark, NJ. Trying hard to survive the struggle but making sure they look good and have fun...

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Still Thicker Than Water by Takerra Allen

THE MUCH ANTICIPATED SEQUEL TO THE STREET LIT HIT THICKER THAN WATER!!! Still Love… The much anticipated reunion of Jersey’s favorite diva, Tatum, and the notorious and spellbinding outlaw, Respect. The answer to the question w...
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Right Package, Wrong Baggage (Urban Christian) By Wanda B. Campbell

For five years, Pamela Roberts, has balanced the demands of being a single mother and a devoted Christian. She unselfishly places the needs of her son, Matthew, above her own. Although she tries to convince everyone that she’s ...