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A PIMP’S LIFE by Treasure Hernandez

The life of a pimp: glamorous to some, dangerous to others. Mack sees his life as both. Born into the street game, Mack makes his living turning girls out. To him, it’s just business, and if it means sometimes he has to be crue...
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My name is Ricky Johnson, and this is my story… Where I’m from, South Jamaica Queens, making the wrong choices in life can actually make you feel like you made all the right moves; especially when you’re driving around in the h...
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BLOW by 50 Cent and K’wan

Prince, Killa-E, Daddy-O, and Danny grew up together in the projects, moving crack and cocaine, and answering to Diego, the neighborhood drug lord. They were small-timers playing for low stakes – until Prince is introduced to a...

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PAPER CHASERS by Mark Anthony

Paper Chasers is the Essence best seller set in Queens, New York during the summer of 1991. The crack epidemic was wreaking havoc on just about every major city in America, and New York was the epicenter of it all. Fourth Crew,...
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DOGISM by Mark Anthony

Lance Thomas is a sexy, young black male who has it all: A high-paying, blue-collar career, a home in Queens, New York, two cars, a son, and a beautiful wife. However, after getting married at a very young age, he realizes that...

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When you’re in the streets, nothing is ever sacred. Out there, loyalty ain’t nothing but a word. In this game, the money is fast and the women come in abundance; anyone can be a winner and everybody a loser. It can all be good ...