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WALK LIKE A MAN by Laurinda D. Brown

Laurinda Brown, known for her racy, yet poignant writing, breathes new life into fiction with Walk Like a Man, a collection of stories that touches on issues ranging from one night stands, long-term femme relationships, bi-curi...
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Characters of Lust depicts the struggles that many individuals face during their first escapades with love and sexual relationships. Meet Shelby Tate as she moves forward after the break-up of her five-year relationship with th...
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SUGAR DADDY’S GAME by Gregory D. Dixon

Jamell White is known as Sugar Daddy. Most of the people who know him assume that his nickname is a reflection of his cash-friendly habits with several beautiful, well-known females. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Sugar is ru...

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THE CAT HOUSE by Anna J., Brittani Williams, and Laurinda D. Brown

Inside the walls of Allure, your kinkiest fantasies can become reality. With top of the line women, top shelf drinks, and top quality drugs, you can be floating on cloud nine in a matter of minutes. That is, if you are amongst ...
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HEROINE by D. Mitchell

The baddest woman in town is not a gangster girl or a ride-or-die chick – she’s a third generation assassin who has plans to change the world. Born and raised in the nation’s capital, Samara Brown was taught by her military tra...