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AT THE COURT’S MERCY by KaShamba Williams

Can you say traffic jam? This is one intersection you DO NOT want to cross! Just when Nasir thought his problems were ending, he realized they’d hardly begun. His son’s mother, Nakea is ready to straddle the ride to regain cust...
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DRIVEN by KaShamba Williams

What happens when an unseen tragedy occurs? Life begins to unravel and skeletons begin to leap out of the closet – as in the case of Nasir, a young man haunted by his past and torn between street life and fatherhood. Forget the...
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BLINDED by KaShamba Williams

Mona Foster is a young ambitious teenager determined to escape a life of poverty and shame. Being the first person in her family to gain a high school diploma, she has set the tone. Her prominent future becomes so nebulous that...

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GRIMEY by KaShamba Williams

After suffering the loss of his little sister, Yatta is determined to find out who is responsible for putting her to rest. With leads pointing in his direction, the first suspect Yatta’s list is her ex-boyfriend Cam. Since Cam ...
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MIND GAMES by KaShamba Williams

Imagine being 25 year-old Serenity Wells. She’s trying to raise two children while living in the basement of her mother’s house with her “has been” husband Kyron, who’s finally home from a 3-year prison bid. When it comes to be...