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Cole Riley

Little White Lies by Cole Riley

  When a high school basketball star becomes entangled in a rape charge, media schemes, and legal deception, he must confront all the people who turned their backs on him. Will he gain justice or be wrongfully charged of this t...
Book Reviews

RIKERS HIGH by Paul Volponi

Martin Stokes could hold his own in the tough New York City neighborhood where he grew up, but that’s nothing – nothing – compared to Riker’s Island. Martin’s been in the Riker’s Island jail for five months and counting, locked...
Babygirl Daniels

GLITTER by Babygirl Daniels

Asia Smith walks through her life with a silver spoon in her mouth, thanks to her father, who spares no expense when it comes to his baby girl. But when he dies tragically, her extravagant lifestyle is brought down a notch. She...