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Babygirl Daniels

GLITTER by Babygirl Daniels

Asia Smith walks through her life with a silver spoon in her mouth, thanks to her father, who spares no expense when it comes to his baby girl. But when he dies tragically, her extravagant lifestyle is brought down a notch. She...
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FIRST COMES LOVE by Shana Johnson Burton

Two broken-hearted best friends plus one wild night in Las Vegas equals disaster for 29-year old real estate agent London Harris and restaurateur Bernard Phillips. After both getting dumped by their mates, London and Bernard je...
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DIRTY SOUTH by Phillip Thomas Duck

College is a big adjustment—but not if you’re Kenya Posey. Even at a Southern school far from her Jersey turf, she’s the one the girls envy and the boys want. Kenya’s the star of a hot singing/dancing troupe, her high-school BF...

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Loyalty and the Bed You Lie In by T R Nairn

‘Diamond and her friends, Meko and Rae are doing big things. Friends since child-hood, the trio have had a long lasting relationship and have managed to build themselves a small empire. Trust and loyalty are the main staples th...
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The Don Divas by Keisha Howard (ebook)

Meet five of Virginia’s most well-known exotic Dancers…The Don Divas. Luscious, the “big sister” type, Chocolate, the feisty chic that doesn’t hold her tongue for no one, Juicy, the diva, Golden Brown, the not so well put toget...