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After Burn (G Street Chronicles Presents) By BlaQue

Wild Fire continues . . . Part 2: After Burn With everything on the up and up, with her music career and her new love life, superstar M’Nya Reigns appears to finally be winning in all aspects of her life. After suffering from t...

Pleasure on Call (G Street Chronicles Presents) By Mz. Robinson

There was a time when the only work Kharem Reynolds valued was what he put in in between the legs of the beautiful women he suckered. From lying and cheating, to false I love yous, Kharem played his role in breaking hearts and ...
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Sex. Lies. Betrayal: The Facade 3 By Kharisma Kashmere

The Queen of Conniving is back in Sex. Lies. Betrayal: The Façade 3 “I left the only man I ever loved after killing the one I was with.”−Erie Gold After taking off from her disastrous double life with Yay, then double crossing ...

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LAKEDA: A KISS OF EROTICA by Stephanie Johnson

Seduction. For some, it’s an art, but for Lakeda, it just comes naturally. She has the magnetism to attract anyone she desires – man or woman – and a sexual appetite that knows no fulfillment. Lakeda can go on for hours, titill...
Andrea Blackstone

NYMPHO by Andrea Blackstone

Meet Leslie Thompson, a sexually frustrated thirty-year-old teacher on summer break. Tired of being locked into a boring routine and conservative lifestyle, she just wants to feel good and have some erotic fun. Her fiancé Trey ...

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WALK LIKE A MAN by Laurinda D. Brown

Laurinda Brown, known for her racy, yet poignant writing, breathes new life into fiction with Walk Like a Man, a collection of stories that touches on issues ranging from one night stands, long-term femme relationships, bi-curi...
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Erotica and Noire

At Ballantine’s One World imprint, the biggest erotica author, says Guy, is “far and away Noire,” whose 2005 debut novel, G-Spot, continues to backlist strongly. Coming next month is a story collection, From the Streets to the ...

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For successful African-American businesswoman Zoe Reynard, finding the pleasure she wants, they way she wants it, is not worth the risk of losing everything she has: marriage to the man she has loved since childhood, a thriving...