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SWAMP MAN by Donald Goines

George Jackson was a “Swamp Man,” born and bred in Mississippi. He was a gentle young man who turned deadly as a water moccasin after he saw what the four hill boys did to his sister. They caught her soon after she got off the ...
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NEVER DIE ALONE by Donald Goines

King David never let anything stand in his way, as he clawed his way out of the mean streets. If it took busting an old lady’s head open with a Coke bottle for her last dollar, so be it. Mixing battery acid with cocaine to gain...
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CRIME PARTNERS by Donald Goines

Goines’ powerful first novel lays bare the bloody, brutal world of crime in the black ghetto, where, as Goines put it, “kindness was the sweetest con of all.” Here is the gutsy and often shocking world of Billy and Jackie, pris...

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CRY REVENGE by Donald Goines

Young Curtis Carson doesn’t mean to rip off the Chicanos in his backyard crap games. He just rolls the dice better. But the Chicanos don’t see it that way, and when one of their brothers is brutally slaughtered in a barroom sho...
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DEATH LIST by Donald Goines

Donald Goines continues the gripping, gritty story of crime in the black ghetto begun in Crime Partners. They’re all back for blood: Kenyatta, the ganglord with an army of brothers to deal deadly with the crooked cops and dope ...

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KENYATTA’S LAST HIT by Donald Goines

Kenyatta, the living black legend, concentrates his army’s ruthless forces to rid the black community of rampant drug traffic. With the help of Elliot Stone, a black football star and latest recruit to the army, Kenyatta discov...