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THE STREET SWEEPER by David Rivera, Jr.

In the eagerly anticipated sequel to Harlem’s Dragon, Detective Chemah Rivers unravels an intriguing case with a most beguiling witness. A single father who juggles the daily pressures of work and home life, Detective Chemah Ri...
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PLAYING IN THE DARK by David Rivera, Jr.,

Chemah Rivers is back in an all-new erotic roller coaster of a story – the final book in a captivating trilogy filled with mystery and heart-stopping drama. There are stories within the Bible that have hidden, erotic depths tha...
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HARLEM’S DRAGON by David Rivera, Jr.

This debut novel from David Rivera, Jr., explores the life of a detective and his world torn apart by love and lust. In a story that combines the underworld of crime and the positive force of justice, readers discover what real...