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Blake Karrington

Counterfeit Love 2 [Kindle Edition] By Blake Karrington

In this epic tale of lies, deceit, and suspense, come witness what happens when a set of money plates get into the hands of a local tyrant from North Philly. These streets are flooded with counterfeit money, fake love, and dece...
Blake Karrington

Counterfeit Love [Kindle Edition] By Blake Karrington

Perhaps the famous singing group, the O’Jays, sang it best, “For the love of money, people will lie, Lord, they will cheat. For the love of money, people don’t care who they hurt or beat…” In this epic tale of lies,...
Book Reviews

SUGAR DADDY by Relentless Aaron

Toy grew into her name long before she grew up – a plaything for men in a world dominated by fast money and endless greed. As a bartender, she was used to being hit on by players… and then along came Colin. He was smart and sen...