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Ashley Jaquavis

Soft: Ashley & JaQuavis Presents: Cocaine Love Stories By Caroline McGill, JM Benjamin, Boston George and T.Styles

 Check out this hot New Anthology of your favorite Urban Fiction Authors! Just when you feel as if you have Ashley and JaQuavis figured out they give you another realm of writing. I loved it!- Nancy Newkirk Get Soft: Ashley &am...
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A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent by Caroline McGill

When self-serving affairs threaten to ruin treasured relationships in the lives of Portia, Simone, Fatima and Laila, will they find the mortal and spiritual strength to accept their destinies? Portia traded in her church roots ...
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A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent 2 by Caroline McGill

The characters you’ve fallen in love with return five years later… Portia, former stripper and lap-dancer from the XXX nightlife, is now a respected author and wife of former thug turned legal self-made millionaire, Jay. The pe...

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A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent 3 by Caroline McGill

Mo Money…Mo Problems Sex, Scorn, Sorrow, and Scandal… Disloyalty, Disappointment, and Death… Your favorite characters are back, and the saga continues… A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent II: Money Talks… Bullsh*t Walks left you sittin...
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A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent IV by Caroline McGill

A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent IV Money Makes the World Go Round Money makes the world go round, but can it buy love? Your favorite characters return. The saga continues… Portia and Jay were a match made in heaven, but Mo Money…Mo...