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Secrets of a Side Bitch 3 By Jessica N. Watkins

Beauty isn’t everything. Beneath Simone’s long fake hair, phony smile, and saline booty is a web of trickery, lies, and murder. After being attacked by Jimmy, Simone’s web of lies begins to violently unravel. One by one, her sk...

Damon & Octavia: The Final Lie (G Street Chronicles Presents The Love, Lies & Lust Series) [Kindle Edition] By Mz. Robinson

Damon and Octavia have been through more than most couples could ever imagine, and managed to survive it all. From love to lies to lust and even murder, they’ve seen it all. Now the only thing the two of them want is to raise t...

How Sweet the Sound By Vanessa Miller

Shar Gracey wants nothing more than to sing the Lord’s praises, so she jumps at the chance to join a traveling choir led by the father of black gospel music, Thomas A. Dorsey. Better yet, the opportunity will give her money to ...

Brenda Hampton

BFF’S: Best Frenemies Forever Series By Brenda Hampton

Kayla, Evelyn, and Trina have been on-and-off-again girlfriends for many years, but the lines of true friendship will be crossed, the knives that go into another friend’s back will cut deep, trust will not apply, and no one wil...
Urban Erotica

Broken Promises by Shyla Miles

  Lies, infidelity, and abandonment have been an integral part of Kori Ellis’ painful past. Abandoned by her father, prior to her birth, and by her mother when she was a young girl, Kori’s life has been filled with broken ...