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GRACE AFTER MIDNIGHT by Felicia “Snoop” Pearson and David Ritz

In GRACE AFTER MIDNIGHT, Felicia Pearson, who plays Snoop in the HBO hit series The Wire, reveals her incredible, hard knock life story, one that dramatically parallels the life of her character on TV. While Felicia Pearson is ...
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A GIRLS’S GOTTA EAT by Michelle Valentine

A slick-talking, cunning sex siren, Remmi comes from humble beginnings and a tragic past, but is determined to make it in the male-dominated, dog-eat-dog world of Hollywood – using any- and everyone to make her dreams a reality...
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Nothing prepares Tyler Blake for the fast-paced living of New York City. A small-town girl from Georgia, she quickly gets caught up in the glamorous entertainment industry. While pursing her dream of becoming an actress, Tyler ...