Y. Blak Moore
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TRIPLE TAKE by Y. Blak Moore

After serving ten years for armed robbery, Jonathan “JC” Cole is about to get out of the joint, and he has one thing on his mind: revenge against the three men – former childhood friends, now powerful crime lords – who betrayed...
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SLIPPING by Y. Blak Moore

Growing up in a Chicago ghetto, seventeen-year-old Donal “Don-Don” Haskill has nothing but time on his hands – time he rarely spends in school, choosing instead to smoke weed and hang out with friends. As a child he witnessed h...
Book Reviews

TALES FROM THE HOOD by Nikki Turner, Seven, The Ghost, Akbar Pray, and Y. Blak Moore

Essence magazine’s #1 bestselling author Nikki turner has earned her rep as “the Princess of Hip-Hop” with gritty urban novels like A Hustler’s Wife and The Glamorous Life. Now she lends her considerable street cred to this ant...