Street Fiction

Young-Minded Hustler By Tysha

The determination Shy McGee has to protect her family, mirrors that of a mama bear protecting her cubs. When the police kill her husband, Melvin, in the presence of their young son, Shy becomes a single mother trying to raise b...
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THE BOSS by Tysha

Kayla “Bossy” Tucker is a bona fide product of the streets spending her time on the grind and settling the scores. Years after forming alliances with a couple of the city’s most notorious gangsters, she creates a formula to coo...
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AROUND THE WAY GIRLS 5 by Tysha, Eric Gray, and Mark Anthony

Around the Way Girls 5 brings you to the borough of Brooklyn, where the streets can be your salvation or they can be your hell on earth. Take a look at the lives of some street-smart women who will learn what living the fast-pa...