Shawn Black
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STICK N MOVE by Shawn Black

Stick and Move is the story of young Yasmina who loss her parents to a gang of Jamaican druglords at a young age during a random act of violence for initiation into the gang. Yasmina is forced to go live with her grandmother in...
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STICK N MOVE 2 by Shawn Black

Scorcher and Yasmina’s low key lifestyle was interrupted when they were taken down by the Feds, but their daughter, Serosa, was left to be raised by the foster care system. Will Serosa become a product of her environment or wil...
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STICK N MOVE 3 by Shawn Black

Serosa becomes the subject to information that could financially ruin and possibly destroy the lives and careers of many prominent people involved in the government if this data is exposed. As this intricate plot thickens, spec...