Shavon Moore
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BABY GIRL by Shavon Moore

Kyla Brown was destined to be a hustler. Fueled by her crooked grandfather’s blood and her gold-digging grandmother’s teachings, Kyla mastered the arts of manipulation and seduction at an early age. Kyla’s heartbreaking beauty ...
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BABY GIRL II by Shavon Moore

Is this what love has finally driven me to? These were the last words the beautiful and notorious Kyla Brown spoke before swallowing a lethal dose of prescription medication in Baby Girl. Driven to the edge of her sanity by mem...
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ECSTASY by Shavon Moore

Meet Ava Marseille, a beautiful but timid young woman from urban Atlanta. From an early age, Ava has had to shoulder most of the financial and emotional responsibility of caring for herself and her younger sister. When a disput...