Renay Jackson
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CRACK CITY by Renay Jackson

When Richtown’s drug kingpin Andre strikes up a deal when Jeremy and Allison, a white couple with cocaine connections, everyone’s life turns upside down: Lorraine gets hooked, Jo Mo gets caught, Black Nasty gets lucky, and Rain...
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OAKTOWN DEVIL by Renay Jackson

This is how the raw deal goes down in the urban jungle: struggle for control over the drug trade… the pull of a trigger. Small-time hoods vie for power and women in an attempt to win at a loser’s game. Gang members avenge the d...
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SWEETPEA’S SECRET by Renay Jackson

Leading a double life as a mortgage broker and successful hitman, Sweetpea (a.k.a. Horace Boudreaux) doesn’t kill for pleasure, though he’s sadistic enough to smile while doing it; in Sweetpea’s Secret he kills for revenge. Oak...