Quentin Carter
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CONTAGIOUS by Quentin Carter

Maurice Jones is a smooth, conniving player who specializes in manipulating women for his own financial gain. Tired of dealing with the same naive women day after day, Maurice searches for the one female who can match his wit. ...
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HOODWINKED by Quentin Carter

Drug-dealing blood-brothers Keith and Kevin Banks are sitting on top of the world with enough dough and honeys to last them for sure. Just when everything seems to be going their way, jealousy secretly takes hold of their close...
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Join five of Triple Crown’s hottest best-selling authors as each twists a tale of life, death, happiness, heartache and street love. Keisha Ervin’s After the Storm Mo and Quan have been together for eight years and they have su...

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IN CAHOOTZ by Quentin Carter

Three years after orchestrating the demise of her baby’s daddy and his crew, Tukey Tosh resurfaces with the opening of No Draws – a club that sells everything from sex to Ex. In an attempt to conquer Kansas City’s Ex industry, ...
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AMONGST THIEVES by Quentin Carter

After serving 15 years in prison, Ramon Delay is back on the grimey streets of Kansas City, and the demons of his past are dragging him on a detour which may lead to a dead end. Ramon again finds himself amongst his loyal crew ...

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STAINED COTTON by Quentin Carter

Qu’bon Cartez is a conniving, womanizing hoodfella that knows no boundaries when it comes to money. His brother, O’bon, finds himself having to survive the game of being his only sibling. Together they’ll navigate you through a...