Mark Anthony
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AROUND THE WAY GIRLS 5 by Tysha, Eric Gray, and Mark Anthony

Around the Way Girls 5 brings you to the borough of Brooklyn, where the streets can be your salvation or they can be your hell on earth. Take a look at the lives of some street-smart women who will learn what living the fast-pa...
Book Reviews

Still a Dog by Mark Anthony

Lance Thomas is up to his old tricks again. Even though he promised his wife several years ago that he was through with the lying and cheating, he just can’t resist the lure of forbidden affairs. No longer tied down with a nine...
Augustus Publishing

Streets of New York, Volume 1

A true coming of age urbanthology, The Streets of New York Volume 1 offers readers a descriptive trip into the lives of Promise, Squeeze, Show and Pooh, young, big, brash and bold from the streets of Brook-Nam. They are modern ...

Augustus Publishing

Streets of New York, Volume 2

Volume II brings together the collective efforts of Anthony Whyte, Erick S. Gray and Mark Anthony with devastating foreward aptly delivered by K’wan. A year later Promise tries to pull farther away from the gangsta life, but th...
Augustus Publishing

Streets of New York, Volume 3

In the trilogy’s previous entry, jealousy ignited long-simmering tensions between Promise, Squeeze, and Show, leading to an all-out gang war. Streets of New York Volume 3 finds the neighborhood reeling from the pain of losing a...

Al Saadiq Banks

Menace II Society

Menace II Society is a collection of urban short stories by some of your favorite authors. Walk with Me by Al-Saadiq Banks Newark, New Jersey is eager to get rid of the infamous, Miracle. A predicate with a long list of felonio...