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CORNER BOY by Herbert Simmons

Corner Boy is a powerful work of social realism that won the prestigious Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship in 1957. Jake Adams, at 18 years of age, strides the mean streets of his world like a conqueror. He has custom-made s...
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THE FARM by Clarence Cooper Jr.

“So much of what we know of ourselves is a lousy God Damn lie.” Maintains the narrator of The Farm (1968). The audacious and supercharged novel by a writer of both prodigal gifts and tendencies toward self-destruction. The Farm...
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THE SCENE by Clarence Cooper Jr.

The Scene is an urban half-world of drug pushers and users, of pimps and prostitutes and narcotics detectives, laid bare in this explosive novel. From the Panic, the time of no dope, to The Man, who controls its ebb and flow on...

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Old School Noir by Marc Gerald

This article was originally published by Salon on March 7, 1997  In 1937, Chester Himes completed the first draft of his first, and arguably most provocative, novel, a hard-hitting account of homosexual love amid the madness, f...
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The School on 103rd Street by Roland S. Jefferson

When Dr. Elwin Carter is confronted in his Watts clinic by two boys terrified by the brutal murder of their friend, his investigations lead him far beyond the usual suspicions of drugs and gang violence to an apocalyptic discov...