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TRUE TO THE GAME by Teri Woods

For Gena, getting out of the Philly projects was easy. But this smoke-eyed beauty wants it all… including a man who can help put past in the rearview mirror for good. Enter Quadir, whose entrepreneurial skills and ruthless “by ...
Book Reviews

QUEEN OF MIAMI by Meta Smith

First thing I learned when I hit this town: You keep its night thing going, and Miami will give you anything you want. And all I’ve ever cared about was music. Put me in front of some ones and twos, give me beats to mix like no...
Book Reviews

GUNMETAL BLACK by Daniel Serrano

Tired of street life, ex-con Eddie Santiago has one simple, strictly legit dream: to head for Miami’s glittering shores and start his own salsa record label. But Chicago’s mean streets aren’t letting him go that easy. Two dirty...