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Divine G.

No Other Love By Divine G

Love is a force that most of us will agree is extremely powerful and can make most do some crazy things, both good and evil. However, as a compelling new novel by Divine G proves – misdirected love brings with it a myriad of me...
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The Canarsie Connection by Divine G.

After being hurt at the hands of others, the innate response for many is to inflict harm back upon their perpetrators. However, as a compelling new novel by Divine G proves – revenge brings with it a myriad of messy and sometim...

Delectable Delight: Shaunte’s Come Up by Kia Roberts

Shaunte’ Stephens better known as “Delicious” was a hustler. She was young and beautiful. The men in Miami loved her. She was an exotic dancer but had a bigger dream of owning her own business. Shaunte’ had a master...

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Let Me Pimp Or Let Me Die Book Trailer

Let Me Pimp Or Let Me Die Book Trailer This video is so smokin’ hot, we can’t wait to review the book. Have you read it? Let us know what you thought?
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Heart of the Streets by Chenae Glaze

It’s a tale of loyalty, love and triumph set in the Atlanta Streets. Corinne the books vixe is looking for love after running from her past hurts and Jabari the main character is looking for a loyalty somewhere he’s never looke...

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The Forbidden Culture by Ugmo Thomas

In a county jail in the late-sixties, a drug-addict meets a dominating guy who persuades the addict in taking a case with the promise that his girlfriend will send him money and he’ll be the first resident worker in a drug reha...
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WIFEBEATER by Mister Mann Frisby

BLINKING RED LIGHT was the debut of an explosive natural-born talent who set it off on the first page and never let up. Now, Mister Mann Frisby drives the urban thriller in a graphic new direction as three players cross tracks ...

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Sunny Rain by Ci Ci Foster

Sunny Rain is a must-read for anyone who loves a passionate story with a twist. This page turner takes readers to a world where passion and pain collide, and supersedes even the wildest of imaginations. Foster’s highly anticipa...
Ben Blaze

Forbidden by Ben Blaze

Khalil Grisby, the son of a legendary gangster, keeps his mouth closed and takes a murder charge for his best friend, aspiring entrepreneur Naishawn Oliver. After Khalil is incarcerated, his mother acts quickly on her hate, ban...
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BURN by Black Artemis

Street hustler turned Bronx bond agent Jasmine Reyes is all about second chances, and she’s given one to imprisoned Macho Booker. A talented graffiti artist, Macho reminds Jasmine of her twin brother, Jason, known and respected...