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The Influenza of Hip-Hop

30 Years of Hip-Hop – 30 Years in the Making Derrick Thompson chronicles 30 years of hip-hop; exploring his 30 year relationship with hip-hop music and hip-hop culture. He candidly writes of the elements and trends that have co...
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Knowledge Reigns Supreme

Knowledge Reigns Supreme: The Critical Pedagogy of Hip-hop Artist KRS-ONE argues for the inclusionary practice of studying and interpreting postmodern texts in today’s school curriculum using a (Hip-hop) cultural studies and cr...
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The ‘Hood Comes First: Race, Space, and Place in Rap and Hip-Hop (Music Culture) By Murray Forman

The ‘Hood Comes First looks at the increasingly specific emphasis on real neighborhoods and streets in rap music and hip hop culture as an urgent response to the cultural and geographical ghettoization of black urban communitie...

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Sheena’s Dreams (Urban Christian) By Marilyn M. Anderson

A young Christian woman blessed by God with the ability to see the future in her dreams has a nightmare that makes her question herself–and her faith–in this compelling novel More about this book
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Heaven Sent By Montre Bible

As the descendant of a fallen half-angel and a human, young Andrew is possessed of supernatural powers that are dangerously beyond his understanding. Then an inevitable dark force rises up to threaten his family…and his soul. A...

Montre Bible

Heaven Bound (Heaven Sent) By Montre Bible

In Heaven Bound, we meet Andrea Turner, the mother of Andrew Turner. After her death, Andrea journals her final words to her son, telling him of her discovery that she is Nephilim (half-human and half-angel). The story goes bla...
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Suddenly Single (Urban Christian) By Shana Burton

How does a woman know when she’s found the one? Most know after a few bad dates and broken hearts but for Vashti Hunter, it also took being left at the altar, arrested, the other woman, and an affair with her pastor before she ...

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The Scream Within By Dwan Abrams

Shawna Cartier’s life of privilege comes to a drastic halt when she is committed into a psychiatric ward. The experience forces Shawna to do a self- evaluation and come to terms with her past. She must deal with painful and sho...
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She Never Answered By Cedric S. McKenzie

She Never Answered is a compelling story about a little boy abandoned at six days old by his mother. Cedric s mom was told by the Arkansas Foster Care System that her newborn would be placed in a good home, but that was not to ...
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Black Pearl By Marilyn Mayo Anderson

Marcus Phillips is his father’s pride and joy. He is a Christian, well mannered, and an intelligent young man. At an early age, he had already decided what his life’s work would be. He had aspirations of becoming a doctor every...