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HARLEM HEAT by 50 Cent and Mark Anthony

Roxy Reynolds learned all the rules of the street nearly two decades ago as a low-level member of what was once New York City’s most powerful drug organization. She was also a mom at fourteen years old, and did what she had to ...
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PAPER CHASERS by Mark Anthony

Paper Chasers is the Essence best seller set in Queens, New York during the summer of 1991. The crack epidemic was wreaking havoc on just about every major city in America, and New York was the epicenter of it all. Fourth Crew,...
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DOGISM by Mark Anthony

Lance Thomas is a sexy, young black male who has it all: A high-paying, blue-collar career, a home in Queens, New York, two cars, a son, and a beautiful wife. However, after getting married at a very young age, he realizes that...

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Katrina Easely has stood by the side of her ruthless boyfriend, Snipes, for so long that she can barely see her way out of his sticky web. She’s dropped out of college in the middle of her freshman year, and has even become est...
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THE TAKE DOWN by Mark Anthony

While investigating one of hip-hop’s most successful music labels, Gun Clap records, undercover FBI agent Jessica Jackson is willing to do anything to help keep her identity a secret. She helps the Feds hit a grand slam during ...

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Tracy Kane is the man – tall, good-looking, and arrogant. He’s the top model for a hip-hop clothing line by designer Christian Elijah. When Tracy punches an African bootlegger in the face for pirating the clothing line he model...