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Counterfeit Love 2 [Kindle Edition] By Blake Karrington

Counterfeit Love 2 By Blake KarringtonIn this epic tale of lies, deceit, and suspense, come witness what happens when a set of money plates get into the hands of a local tyrant from North Philly.

These streets are flooded with counterfeit money, fake love, and deceptive friendships in pursuit of that all mighty dollar.

Sanaa, a well- known female gambling house owner, is at the top of her game. But after she decides to inject the counterfeit currency into her business, all hell breaks loose. Guns are drawn and opposing sides are taken.

The city of Philadelphia becomes the Wild, Wild West. Stirring up skeletons that Sanaa and her best friend Joy thought were buried when they left the south; back in Atlanta Georgia.

Real or fake, with millions of dollars still to be claimed, all the wolves come out – and the hunting season begins.

Will the love of that mean green shatter families and friends? Or will they prove that money can’t buy everything?

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