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CHAINS: Book 1 (The Complete Series) [Kindle Edition] By Jeff Rivera

CHAINS Book 1 A Saga of Struggle and Love (The Complete Series) [Kindle Edition] By Jeff RiveraMud squelched beneath Princess Kiwana’s bare feet. She could not see the blood in it – the rain had mixed it too well – but she knew it was there.

Suffering the loss of her beloved, an African princess begins a new life of isolation and strife. The pain of choosing between a new husband to fill the heir’s throne or to stay loyal to her one true love haunts Kiwana’s aching mind.

Before this all began, she had no idea what her life was to become. A series of trials, unfortunate twists, and the corruption of a village influences the path Kiwana falls into.

Will her experience with war and love help her in her time of helplessness, or will everything fall apart in a desperate attempt to survive?

CHAINS: The Complete Series is an extraordinary union of the short novel series featuring Birth of a King, Shame of a Queen, A Father’s Disgrace, and Dark Secrets Haunted.

Explore the journey of a young princess as she deals with the struggle fate as given her. If you enjoyed Roots, The Help or any historical fiction or African American fiction, you’ll enjoy this book.

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