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I Used to Love Her (G Street Chronicles Presents) By Aaron Bebo

I Used to Love Her (G Street Chronicles Presents) By Aaron BeboHunger, greed, addiction and lust can always stand in the way of success.

I Used To Love Her is a hip-hop love drama full of lies, deception and murder. Trey Eight, a budding rap star and member of the group Hustle Kingz, struggles to claw his way to the top with treachery lurking around every corner.

Annie Oakley knows all too well about the hard road to success. The transition from lamb to wolf is the only transition one can make to stay afloat in this industry, and when all else fails, she uses what she’s got to get what she wants.

She knows that everybody loves a star when they’re on top, but in order to maintain that top spot and keep the crowd chanting your name one has to be more grimy than the next man or woman.

Climb into the pages of I Used To Love Her and take this journey into the world of love, hate, power and hip-hop.

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