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After Burn (G Street Chronicles Presents) By BlaQue

After Burn (G Street Chronicles Presents) By BlaqueWild Fire continues . . . Part 2: After Burn

With everything on the up and up, with her music career and her new love life, superstar M’Nya Reigns appears to finally be winning in all aspects of her life.

After suffering from the devastating loss of her friend and lover, she thinks she can finally move on with life with her new girlfriend Deva. However, M’Nya harbors a few secrets of her own. When her skeletons begin to fall from her closet all hell breaks loose.

Will M’Nya be able to have everything she wants and keep her secret buried, or is she caught in a web of deceit that will cause Fade 2 BlaQue Inc. and M’Nya’s life to burn forever?

Ride with the BlaQue Angel as she takes you on yet another dark and sexy journey of love, betrayal and music.

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