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God Forgives, The Streets Don’t 2 By Blake Karrington

God Forgives, The Streets Don't 2 By Blake KarringtonThe game is dirty and what goes up must come down.

Chez knows this but when his wealth, power and woman is taken from him and he finds himself at deaths door, his strength is truly tested. The streets that Chez once reigned over are now at the will of Supreme, Mann and a team of New York wolves that show no mercy to anyone!

Supreme is the king of the City and with Chez’s demise there is no one left to dispute him as he makes millions. When Chez meets and befriends Monty in prison, their relationship grows to the point of brothers.

What Chez doesn’t realize is that he has actually met the one man who has the heart and manpower that he needs to take back what the New Yorker’s have taken from him.

Just when the streets have counted him out and everyone that he ever loved has crossed him, the Legend is reborn… Chez is set out to show that although God may forgive, The Streets Don’t!!!

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