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Alexandra : Echoes of His Sins [Kindle Edition] By Zoe and Yusuf Woods

Alexandra Echoes of His Sins By Zoe & Yusuf T. WoodsAlexandra was the apple of her mother’s eye and a daddy’s girl since the day she took her first breath. Together they did everything. Until she discovered that her father carried a callous secret…one that promised to shatter and redesign Alexandra’s life.

Unbeknownst to him, Alexandra watched her father assassinate three people…swift and calm as if it was in his nature. The reoccurring visions of bodies falling tainted Alexandra, perpetually invading her soul. Some family secrets stay hidden forever, and some, once awakened, will
reveal skeletons hidden even in the deepest of closets.

Alexandra, hears echoes of her father’s sins as they suddenly become her own…


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