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Pleasure on Call (G Street Chronicles Presents) By Mz. Robinson

Pleasure on Call (G Street Chronicles) By Mz. RobinsonThere was a time when the only work Kharem Reynolds valued was what he put in in between the legs of the beautiful women he suckered. From lying and cheating, to false I love yous, Kharem played his role in breaking hearts and leaving a few women emotionally damaged.

This all changed the day he set eyes on his daughter Hope. Now he’s a dedicated father whose only goal is to be a good provider and a shining example of the type of man he wants his daughter to one day marry. However, Joanie, his scheming baby mama, is still hung up on the fact that she was nothing more than a fling to Kharem, and is bent on making his life hell while bleeding his pockets dry.

When Kharem secures a position as an on-call contractor with a local cable provider, he has two things in mind making enough money to keep food in his belly and Joanie off his back. That’s until a routine service call leads to an indecent proposal from a sexy stranger. Soon Kharem finds himself entertaining a variety of women, each with their own fantasies, who are willing to pay him for their fulfillment.

As the sexual rendezvous get hotter and his client list grows longer, Kharem becomes the company’s most requested and desired “service man”. However, when one of his house calls leads to confrontation, Kharem becomes the target of a scorned lover who wants nothing more than to put Kharem out of business and send him to an unplanned and fatal early-retirement.

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