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The Rainbow Z By Zaria Garrison

The Rainbow Z By Zaria GarrisonVal Mitchellson and his wife Zoe are on the run. As an up and coming African American couple, who are expecting their first child they seem to have it all. However, all is not as it seems.

A sparkling Z sits on the back of every Zulnilshian, giving them the energy they need to live, but when Zoe met Val at a church picnic she had no idea that he was an alien who carried, the Rainbow Z.

Val was sent to earth to rescue his ruler’s daughters, who were exiled to Earth during the Xindamian war that occurred on their home planet. Xindamians had been banished to earth and they were fighting to return home, after learning that they are the cause of a major epidemic in humans.

When Val learns that the American government wants to capture and do testing on his unborn child, he takes Zoe and escapes into the mountains, leaving the Princesses behind. This prompts the ruler of his planet to travel to earth in search of Val, to kill him. Val has to find a way to protect his family while helping to prevent an intergalactic war between the two planets.

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