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The Circle: Fallon’s Story By Danielle Santiago

The Circle Fallon's Story By Danielle SantiagoThe Porters are a family of young goons who have mastered every aspect of the game. From robbery, to drugs, to extortion there is nothing that the infamous band of siblings haven’t been involved in.

With years in the game and a notorious reputation, they run into trouble when they fall onto the radar of the Feds. They devise a master plan to escape to Mexico and avoid persecution, but there is only one catch. They must separate to avoid unwanted attention.

Follow Fallon as she takes you on the run with her. Without her siblings she is lost and with no one to trust she must navigate her way South until she finds freedom, but the Feds are hot on her heels. They will go to any length to catch her and see the rest of the Porters locked behind bars for life.

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