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Platinum Dust By K.C. Blaze

PLATINUM DUST BR KC BLAZERaheim is the son of a dead man and the woman who killed him.
He has deep seeded hatred toward his mother for kicking him out at age eleven for looking like his father. With a fierce determination not to end up like either of his parents he runs from woman to woman in hopes of avoiding love and commitment until he runs into the arms of the one woman made to love him.
One fateful night in a nightclub will leave Raheim running for his life and endangering the lives of those closest to him. Follow him on his path to forgiveness, redemption and what he hopes is a love made to last!!

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Author Biography

K.C Blaze also known as K.C Baylor is the author of three books including the urban fiction book Platinum Dust (Part-One) She has marked her entrance into the literary world with her award-winning site Urban Fiction News magazine. With a degree in Psychology and her love of the written word she has always known she wanted to write books that not only inspired but took her readers on a mental journey unlike any they’ve been on before.Not only does she write urban books that read like movies but she also writes how-to guides and non-fiction titles as well. She wishes that her works provoke all readers to leave a review which the only way an author knows they have connected to their audience!

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